live for today , not for tomorrow . I'm Mia! Folow me for awesome giveaways. I'm always giving away stuff. I try to do ATLEAST 2 a week. Sometimes they might just be little things tho, so look out for the big ones! (:

Random Giveaway! (:

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, so it’s time I finally do it. I just got a whole bunch of stuff for my birthday so I don’t use any of this anymore, plus I love my followers and want one of them to have all of it. The Iphone 4s will only be given away if this reaches 5,000 notes. You must be following & I will check.

• Small American Eagle v-neck

• size 7 tan Uggs

• 3 Iphone 4/4s cases

•American Eagle crossbody bag

 •Coach coin purse

 •2 pairs of small vs yoga pants

 •Size 24 True Religion jeans

 •Juicy Couture purse

 •Harajuku lovers make-up bag

 •Size 7 red heels



 •Must be following & I will check.

 •You can reblog this as many times as you would like, likes do count as well.


The winner will be picked 9/10/12!!

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